Study In USA

Study in USA

Why Study in the United States?

The United States is the most popular destination for international students seeking higher education abroad. The United States’ universities and education system are known for the high quality of their teaching and research, and it is the most versatile and adaptable higher education system for international students. Degrees from the United States are widely recognised and valued in the international job market. US universities and culture welcome international students and have the best support systems in place to help international students adjust to their system comfortably.

Apply Yourself

University Selection | Admission Counseling 

  • Profile Evaluation, Major / Program Selection
  • Customized University Selection with Tuition Fees & Application Deadlines
  • Informational packets on rankings, previous admits/rejects, and average GRE/GPA admission
  • Access to our advisors and requirements for 200 universities by major
  • Admission Analysis & Essay (SOP) Requirements for the Top 50 Schools
  • VISA Consultation & Mock Interview
Premium Counseling

University Selection + Application Assistance (5U) + VISA Preparation + Admission Tracking Tracking Support (only for Premium Counseling)

  • Call / Email Universities: Checking University Status / Emails, Understanding Emails, and Making Recommendations Document follow-up / re-submission
  • Provide students with regular updates on their admission status.
Mock Visa Interviews for F1 Visa
  • VISA Financial Counseling and Training Classes
  • Filling out DS 160 forms and paying the SEVIS fee
  • Guidance for Charted Accountant and Charted Engineering Reports
  • Mock VISA Interview No. 2 (1 Group,1 Personal)
  • Note : It should be noted that students must pay VISA HDFC-VFS fees, SEVIS fees, and CA / Financial Documentation charges


>>Westcliff University

>>Lincoln University

>>Iglobal University

>>Undergraduate Pathway – Baylor University

>>Undergraduate Pathway – DePaul University

>>Undergraduate Pathway – James Madison University

>>Undergraduate Pathway – Texas A&M

>>Undergraduate Pathway – Western Washington University

>>Undergraduate Pathway – University of Hartford

>>Graduate Pathway- Texas A&M

>>Graduate Pathway- University of Hartford

>>Graduate Pathway- DePaul University

>>Graduate Pathway- Baylor University

>>International Year –Baylor University

>>International Year – James Madison University

>>International Year – DePaul University

>>International Year –University of Hartford

>>International Year – Texas A&M

>>International Year – Western Washington University

>>Baylor Master International Year

>>University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) UG direct


>>University of West Florida IEP

>>University of West Florida UG/PG