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Why study in schengen countries

26 Schengen member states are those European countries that have signed the Schengen agreement. These states have officially abolished passports and other types of border control. This would mean one visa can allow immigrants to enter any of these countries without an additional visa. That is just one reason why millions of students study abroad in Schengen countries. Here are few other reasons:

Best Reasons to Study in Schengen Countries
Best of Education : 

Schengen countries offer world-class education with high-quality Master’s programs. Studying in one of these countries will expose you to a ‘one of kind experience’ that will make you look smart around your friends and family. There are several open admission Universities in these countries such as Geneva Business School, where we can help you with the application process

Study in English : 

You do not have to worry that the courses are in a different language. Schengen countries higher offer education is in English with affordable tuition fees. Even so, you must make an effort to learn the local language. Learning a different language is always a plus and a gateway to better job opportunities.

Boost Your Career : 

Both small and large companies look for employees who studied abroad. Many Schengen countries encourage foreign graduates to stay after their education. It means, if you choose to study in one of the Schengen countries, you may stand a chance of receiving a job offer and have the opportunity to stay there long-term.

It Can Change Your Life

The academic experience you get in Schengen countries is unique. Their Universities have a broad selection of Master’s degree that you can choose from. You could even opt to join other programs such as the Erasmus Student Exchange program. such programs can give you a unique international experience and improve your career path while expanding your horizon.

How Can You Apply to Study in One of The Schengen Countries?
Which visa do you need?

A student Schengen Visa is an entry permit that grants access to the Schengen Zone. However, this is generally for short-stays of maximum of 3 months. This means if you are planning to take a course that requires you to stay longer then you must apply for a Long-Stay Study Visa. Fabral Overseas is here to help you understand which visa you would need and how you can apply for it.

What documents do you need?

Student Schengen visa requires many documents such as, proof of residency, roundtrip itinerary, travel medical insurance, proof of accommodation which may include dormitory contract or rent agreement, and so on. We understand that documentation can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. We at FabralOverseas can help simplify the documentation process for you.

Where to apply for a visa?

Schengen countries have very strict and clear rules about where to apply for the visa. Applying at the wrong embassy can have a detrimental effect on your dreams to study abroad. Expert at FabralOverseas can do all the necessary research and guide you to the right embassy.

When to apply?

You can submit your visa three months prior to your trip or 15 days prior to your trip. Ideally, four weeks prior to your departure date gives the embassy sufficient time to process your visa.