New zealand

Moving to New Zealand

What makes the land of the Maoris a keenly desired immigration destination? Why are the Kiwis considered so fortunate? What would being a New Zealander means?

Economy : 

The highly developed free-market economy of New Zealand bounced back from a Covid-19 pandemic caused recession with economic growth of 0.4% confounding economists who had forecast a 1.8% decline. New Zealand has the 52nd largest national economy in the world. Measured by per adult wealth it is the fifth richest country in the world. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), New Zealand is forecast to be one of the stronger growing economies this year.

 Job Opportunities : 

While it is easy to start a business in New Zealand, several skills are also highly in demand here. According to New Zealand Now the government expects the workforce to grow by 1.8% annually. There is a great need for skilled workers across disciplines.

Work-life balance : 

HSBC’s 2018 Expat Explorer Survey rated New Zealand as the second-best country regarding work-life balance. Its well-developed infrastructure and excellent opportunities to advance one’s career help ensure that a hard day’s work is also balanced with a good time with family and friends.

Breathtaking natural beauty : 

The fact that New Zealand provides a beautiful backdrop for several Tollywood movies is very telling. Mountains, lakes, glaciers, beaches, and beautiful seas – all are reasons why people love living in among the pristine natural beauty that is found in this country The mild climate throughout the year makes it a delight

Social Services : 

New Zealand has an efficient and well-organized public service. Their public health care system ensures that residents receive heavily subsidised or free hospitals. The educational system is highly sought after. New Zealand has also been voted the greatest country on earth for seven years in a row in the Telegraph Travel Awards.

Safety : 

According to the Global Peace Index 2019, New Zealand is the second safest place to live in it has a very low crime rate and there are

no dangerous animals or snakes. Making the Move


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Skilled Migrants:  

This has a point-based system based on your qualifications, work experience, age, health, language, and character requirements. This could be quite complex as several factors could result in fewer points being recognized. Our skilled counsellors at Fabral Overseas will ensure that you have the points you deserve according to your qualifications.

 Support : 

Our counsellors can help you with your job search or with your educational needs. We can also assist you with obtaining

suitable accommodation once you move to New Zealand.


New Zealand requires that all those entering the country from India have a negative Covid test report. They also must

submit to a Managed Isolation period. We can assist you in getting the Covid test done and also ensure that you have a managed

isolation booking which is necessary before you can board the flight.