Move to Australia, The Lucky Country

Australia is a great country with a lot of diverse environments. It is famous for its sporting prowess and stunning scenery. Australia ranks high on the Human Development index and the Better Life index. It is not a surprise that Australia is called “the lucky country.” It tops above average in income and wealth, environmental quality, housing, jobs, personal security, and more. Interestingly, life expectancy is around 83 years for men and 85 for women.

Did you know that Australia was ranked as the 9th most powerful passport in 2020? It is one country that allows dual citizenship.

What Makes Australia Such an Incredibly Special Place?
The world’s most livable cities : 

According to the survey by the Economist, each year multiple Australian cities were ranked as the best cities to live in the world. The amazing fact is that these cities scored a total of 100 for healthcare, culture, stability, education, and infrastructure, and the environment.

Quality of life : 

Life in Australia is out of the ordinary when compared to other countries across the globe. Here life is more carefree yet comfortable. This includes the beautiful weather, shorter working hours and higher wages, more holidays, and better-quality food. These are just a few of many things that improve the quality of life.

Greater job opportunities :

Greater job opportunity means you will be paid more for your particular skill set and you do not have to work long hours. So, whether you are a plumber or engineer, doctor or nurse, builder or teacher you are likely to earn much more in Australia than in India.

Own a spacious house :

Every Indian dream about owning a house. What makes Australian puses more appealing is that they are generally larger with a laundry room. If you are lucky you can even have your own swimming pool We Can Help You Move to Australia

Relocation :

Whether you are moving for the first time or not, relocation can be a stressful process. Our migration experts at FabralOverseas can help you ease all your doubts regarding relocation. There are strict limitations on what you can take into the country and how much you can take. We can educate you with regard to the same to ensure you do not spend on something that gets thrown away at the airport.

Visas and work permit:

Australia provides a variety of visa types and work permits. The visa requirements depend on the type of work permit you are applying for. However, we understand that it may be too confusing to figure out which visa types are currently available and which types suits you the best. Worry not! Immigration experts at FabralOverseas can do all the research on your behalf and clarify your doubts. We will be by your side guiding you through the visa application process to increase your rate of success.